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Our commitment to you


Provide you with personalized insurance Protection that is as unique as you 


Conduct regular meetings and discussions to make sure you are still on track


Provide you with great referrals to other service providers

Our Clients Say

Bianca Foti

"I was always under the impression that life insurance was something expensive, complicated, and not entirely useful. I've known Dan my whole life, so when he called me I decided to pick his brain. He put together a life insurance plan that is simple, fits the budget, and allows me to live with the peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event of something happening to me, I'm covered and financially secure."

Andrew Derayeh

"I'm a fan of keeping my money and growing it. So when Dan told me that I could create a life insurance plan that not only protects me and my loved ones, but increases my wealth, I jumped at the opportunity. Together we put together a complete life insurance plan that will help me pay for my future children's education, without having to deplete any of my current savings!"

Josh Gonsalves

"I was paying about $67/month to my bank in mortgage insurance, which to me seemed normal, and uncontrollable. Thanks to Dan however, I now pay $29/month for term insurance to cover my mortgage (savings of $456 a year), and if anything were to happen to me, my beneficiary gets the payout, not the bank!" 
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